EFT Tapping Training Course - Dublin Ireland.

The Benefits of EFT Training with us?

Discover the Modern Energy Tapping EFT protocols that you can use on yourself and others to enhance self healing, new awareness, greater vitality and energy. Enjoy meeting like minded people and making new friends while learning and practicing new tapping techniques in healing. You will learn to identify major blocks and to use EFT tapping techniques to clear them, while Increasing your confidence and learning to trust in your own EFT tapping abilities.

No Experience Required - Enjoy yourself & learn Modern Energy Tapping EFT Healing Modality
That you can Take with you Anywhere!

Who can Learn Emotional Tapping Therapy?

Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques is of interest to the general public, counsellors, therapists, health care workers, caring parents, nurses, doctors, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, mental health practitioners, coaches, NLP practitioners, lawyers, tutors, civil servants, acupuncturists to anyone who has an interest in acquiring some new skills and approaches to working with clients, family and friends.

EFT Tapping Training and Workshops Dublin

Our EFT Training and workshops are provided by Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning who are recognised licensed, Insured trainers and holistic therapists.
Professionally approved through the GOE Guild Of Energists UK. Our Interactive and fun EFT Modern Energy Tapping Training workshops are especially designed for those interested in self-care, personal development, alternative and complementary medicine.