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Energy Cone Technique Dublin - ONE DAY TRAINING

Ray Manning, Introducing you to the theory and practice of this unique, meridian energy therapy that is; simple, non-invasive, confidential technique, that works through the palm of the hand at a very deep level, bringing up and releasing trapped energies and traumas quickly, easily, and permanently.

Energy Coning Technique is a welcome addition to the toolbox of any health practitioner, complementary therapist - meridian energy therapies practitioners, hypnotherapists, reiki practitioners, kinesiologists and reflexologists

Energy Coning can be used as a stand alone technique or alongside any meridian energy therapy modality which seeks to find and release the root cause of a client's presenting symptom or problem. Energy Coning Technique enhances and deepens the experience of many existing health practitioners therapies and skills.

Date: 14th July

Venue: Location - Ballinteer, South Dublin

Time: 9.30am to 5.30pm

Fee: €195

Why use Energy Coning Techniques?

  • Energy Coning Technique (ECT) is used by many health practitioners.
  • Works for both physical and emotional problems.
  • ECT works quickly, easily and permanently.
  • ECT can be conducted with or without conscious knowledge of the content of the trauma or negative emotion, by client or practitioner.

We change the way we feel, to change the way we think,

We change the way we think, to change the way we choose,

So we can make better and more informed decisions!

Suitable for: Those involved in Self-healing, Health Practitioners, Bodywork, Meridian Energy Therapies, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Personal Development, Counseling to name a few.

Experience this Amazing Meridian Energy Therapy!

Learn Through Personal Experiences:

  • How to Focus on the discovery of Energy Cysts, or Cones.
  • Dispersal and elimination of trapped energy in, through, and out of the energy body.
  • Understand how trauma is encoded in the structure of the body.
  • Learn how to detect energy disturbances.
  • Utilise ECT techniques to release old energetic wounds from the energy system.
  • Enable clients awareness of the lessons learned from their experiences.
  • Experience how to apply intention to influence the energy system.
  • Health Practitioner's gain confidence in using Energy Coning Techniques.