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EFT Training - Corporate, Business, Schools and Colleges

Our in house EFT training supports organisations and their employees, achieve peak performance both personally and professionally with customised onsite group training. Popular with schools, colleges and companies seeking to enhance productivity and performance by providing their employees with the tools and training to better manage stress at work.

Self-Care STRESS Solutions!

It is well known that STRESS Is the number one employee risk and interferes with mental processes such as memory, concentration, judgments and decision making and is the single highest cause of Worker Absenteeism, has a major impact on both the individual and the employers bottom line!

EFT Is a solution for stress that helps Motivate Yourself and others!

EFT Is a great stress reduction technique that can help a company lower their health care costs, improve employee satisfaction, lower absenteeism, as well as customer satisfaction.

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  1. EFT Intro

Customised EFT Training's are designed to Empower individuals to live life FREE from as much STRESS to RESILIENCE as is Humanly Possible!

This Is a FANTASTIC opportunity to experience this wonderful self-help Half day or One-day EFT Training practical course, using EFT In a Positive Light, that Is a remarkable healing tool for those interested In using Emotional Freedom Techniques In a user friendly way!

Transform STRESS to RESILIENCE ~ Everyone Benefits!

Employee Benefits!

  • Experience Reduced Personal Stress and Anxiety
  • Better Able to See and Put Things In Perspective
  • Improved Performance and Help Reach Potential
  • Great Concentration and More Organised
  • Better Able to Cope with Stressful, Challenging Situations
  • Improve Your Health and Overall Sense of Well-Being
  • Experience a Greater Work and Life Balance
  • Achieve Physical, Mental and Emotional Balance
  • Perform Better at Work, Home, Family and Life...
  • Become More Organised, Less Stressed and a Better Team Player!

Increase Energy, Worry Less, Control YOUR Emotions, Reduce Stress!

This self care tapping, Is practical hands on that enables you to use POSITIVE Emotional Freedom Techniques, on increasing your positivity for yourself, your business, friends and family.

Tap from Stress to Resilience, Problems to Solutions, Low Self Esteem to Self Empowerment!

Employer Benefits!

  • Reduced Staff Stress, Employee Turnover
  • Stress FREE Employees Equals Less Sick Days!
  • Increased Satisfaction and Improve Employee Attitude
  • Enhanced Job Satisfaction, Alertness and Performance
  • Increases Employee Well Being
  • Greater Productivity and Improved Individual Output
  • Happier Staff Increases Job Satisfaction and Enhances Customer Support
  • Increased Staff Morale and Leadership Attitude
  • Clearer Levels of Communication with Both Staff and Customers

EFT can Enhance Employees Emotional and Physical Health by:
Managing Stressful Situations | Reducing Fatigue and Irritability | Increasing Productivity and Performance
Transforming STRESS to Resilience | Achieving Emotional Balance | Enhancing Team Performance
Enhance Self-Esteem and Confidence | Improving Morale and more...

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